Behavioral Administrative Guidelines

At Evernorth, we’re committed to ensuring all of our customers have access to quality services and benefits. To that end, we are dedicated to working with you, our trusted providers, across all aspects of today’s health care landscape. To help us stay on the same page, we have created the Behavioral Administrative Guidelines (also known as the Medical Management Program or MMP) as a reference tool for you.

This document is part of your contract and is where you can find the most relevant, up-to-date information on working together. It contains Administrative Guidelines and Program Requirements for the programs, policies, rules, and procedures pertaining to rendering behavioral health services.

Document Title Document Type Document Size Last Updated
Behavioral Administrative Guidelines PDF 4.20MB 06/11/2024
Document Title Document Type Document Size Last Updated
Contact Information (Appendix A) Online Resource -- 03/07/2017
Claims Information (Appendix B) Online Resource -- 08/01/2013
Participant Rights and Responsibilities (Appendix C) Online Resource -- 11/03/2016
Collection, Use And Disclosure Of Protected Health Information (Appendix C+) Online Resource -- 08/01/2013
Health Care Provider Forms (Appendix D) Online Resource -- 11/03/2020
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Forms (Appendix E) Online Resource -- 08/01/2013
Specialty Networks and Forms (Appendix F) Online Resource -- 11/08/2019
Primary Care Physician (PCP) Communication Information (Appendix G) Online Resource -- 08/01/2013

Updated September 2021

Starting September 1, 2021, we transitioned from the Behavioral Medical Management Program to the Behavioral Administrative Guidelines as referenced above. Any agreement or document that references the Medical Management Program (MMP), the Provider Guide, the Provider Manual, or the Provider Administrative Guidelines shall be construed to reference this document: the Behavioral Administrative Guidelines.

The Behavioral Medical Management Program guide is still available for regulatory and reference purposes and may be downloaded and/or printed for your records.